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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  April 15, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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a new day and another big vote in the house of representatives. today it was the plan put forward by congressman paul ryan, republican of wisconsin, which calls for up to $6 trillion in cuts over the next ten years. and by a vote of 235-193, a vote along party lines with the exception of four republicans, the controversial plan is now adopted. a dramatic and spirited debate raged throughout the day, one marked by protesters, 12 to be exact, arrested within and outside congressional chambers. it will now move to the senate where, to quote majority leader harry reid, it will never pass. to the victors, a measure to take america on a path of prosperity. to the vanquished, a gutting of america's social safety net with a dismantling ever medicaid as we know it, that is if it ever becomes law. i'm delighted to say we're joined by barney frank,
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democrats from massachusetts, and the ranking member of the financial services committee. good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. >> as this week draws to a close, can you give us an overarching view of where we stand, the 2011 budget with all its compromises now through. the president then gave that candid speech about -- are we any clearer about how america is going to move forward? >> no, but we have sharpened the issue. there is a broad consensus that we have to reduce the deficit over time. by the way, i do believe in this economy with the recession finally starting to end, with jobs starting to come back, further cuts in the court term between now and october, in particular forcing state and local governments to lay people off is counterproductive. we don't need to do that. we have been gaining jobs in the private sector, losing them in
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the public sector. there are two differences. first of all, the republicans want to continue to give the military the ability, frankly, to spend us into serious problems. the military budget under the ryan budget goes up and up and up. and when they talk about cuts, those cuts are net. they are net after you have increased the military. and the military budget by the way goes far beyond what america needs to protect itself and its own vital interests. the american military budget we have continued to be the first responder to the world to people who don't need us. that's the major difference, not whether you cut, but how. secondly, the republicans continue to believe that people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year should not have to pay any further tax revenues. now, under bill clinton we voted in 1993 to raise the top tax rate on the wealthiest people to
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39%. bush came in and got that cut back. we want to put it back for the people making more than $250,000 a year to the rate where it was under clinton when our economy flourished. so there are two differences. i do think that the wealthiest in this country should help us as we try to reduce the deficit and this blank check to the military is a great mistake. >> the president laid out a very clear contrast between the way he sees the future and the republican approach. let's listen for a moment as to how he defined that difference. >> a 70% cut in clean energy. a 25% cut in education. a 30% cut in transportation. cuts in college pell grants that will grow to more than $1,000 per year. these are the kinds of cuts that tell us we can't afford the america that i believe in and i
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think you believe in. i believe it paints a vision of our future that is deeply pessimistic. >> as i listened to the president, mr. frank, he seemed to be suggesting we could either adopt a much more self-centered approach to fiscal policy, so let's cut funding for aids research, pell grants, lets cut pending on education, leave people to sort their own lives out. or we can continue to take care of those in society who are much less fortunate. is that where the real argument is taking place do you think? >> that's a part of it, but there's also in the republican budget a denial of our ability to take care of ourselves even when we're not among the very poor. in the civilized urban society there are some things we can best do privately but there are some things we can only do if we come together through government. i understand the political appeal of tax cuts but i have never seen a tax cut put out a fire. i have nen seen a tax cut help us clean up the environment or building bridges or highways or
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good trains. there are some things civilized people need to do together and the republicans would cut that. on the other hand, let's be clear, i should apologize, they are prepared to do many of these things, but not in the united states, in afghanistan, where i think it will be squandered, in eric, in the pursuit of this geopolitical vision that they had of america as the world leader. they are prepared to spend hundreds of billions i think unwisely and inappropriately. secondly, i do think that it's legitimate to say to the people who are going to inherit millions of dollars that they are going to contribute a little more. we are talking about a plan that keeps the inheritance tax much below what it should be. when people can inherit tens of millions of dollars and pay very, very little in tax and at the same time we got to lay off policemen and firefighters and our bridges are crumbling, i don't think that's the right set of choices. >> one of the specific areas that i know you are seriously concerned about concerns the federal regulatory authorities that were strengthened after the
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disastrous derivatives fiasco in 2008, but aren't respects wanting to strip those agencies of much needed funds? >> absolutely. >> and are they really suggesting we go back to a system that abjectly failed less than three years ago? >> yes. their agenda is to rederegulate the economy. y they know if they came at that head on a lot of the american people would be appalled. even the tea party. so what they've done is under the guise of budget deficit reduction, they have underfunded substantially the commodities futures trading commission. now, that's the agency that deals with speculation, with futures, and we gave that agency in the bill last year power to deal with speculation. i believe "the new york times" yesterday was talking about oil prices and they say as a matter
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of fact speculation has been a factor in the oil surprise spike. we gave a federal agency the ability to step in and retard that. speculation isn't the main cause of the price but it adds to it. the republicans -- >> mr. frank, in the same newspaper yesterday there was a huge study of why nobody following the catastrophe in 2008 has been found guilty of a single offense. so these regulatory authorities even with increased funding, what have they actually done to call anybody to account? >> well, that's really not a consistent question. i'm talking about something very different. in the first place, the regulatory authorities are not the prosecutorial authorities. secondly, the authority that we have given to the commodity futures trading commission to stop speculation only went into effect in july of 2010, and it has not yet fully been funded. so it's unfair to blame them for not using it. finally, i would say i'm talking about the ability to step in and stop speculation. part of the problem with the
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lack of prosecution, i wish there had been more, but part of the problem was frankly, that the laws were so loose that things that we find offensive were not illegal, and one of the things we did in the law last year was to make more of those things illegal. they were talking about mortgage fraud. it has nothing to do with what i was just talking about, which is the ability of the commission to step in and put limits on what speculators can do. both are important but they're separate. >> congressman barney frank, thank you for joining us. this year's budget is in place and the house has just passed the paul ryan budget plan for next year and beyond. it moves onto the 1234senate an should they pass it onto the president's desk where a veto is highly likel lilikely.does it s chance of becoming law? >> it's very tough. senator harry reid who has
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already said this thing is pretty much dead on arrival when it gets to the senate. but republicans are really going all-in on this budget deal to use a poker term, if you will. there's been a lot of lofty rhetoric. speaker boehner saying this was our generations defining moment. paul ryan saying this would make america exceptional once again. this type of lofty rhetoric saying this budget proposal is the end all be all that will save the country. democrats are saying this is crazy. this is going to completely cut away medicare in ways we have never seen it before. what is the end game here when you have president obama putting forth his plan which the republicans saw as purely partisan. democrats see the republican plan as being nothing more than a shell game, if you will, for their special interests. there has to be a middle way. alan simpson, the head of the simpson/bowles commission, he said if you care about getting this budget thing figured out correctly, pray for the gangs of six.
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they're a broy partisan group o senators who are working on a plan. if that type of plan can garner some broad consensus on capitol hill, perhaps you will have a pay forward, but the paul ryan plan is dead on arrival in the senate. the president's plan is dead on arrival in the house. the senate is going to have to figure out a way forward. >> okay, luke. so we'll start praying but president obama didn't realize his microphone was still open while speaking with reporters at a democratic fund-raiser in chicago last night. here is a portion of what he said about congressman paul ryan and his budget plan. >> paul ryan says his priority is to make sure that we're, you know -- he's just being america's accountant and trying to be responsible. this is the same guy who voted for two wars that were unpaid for, voted for the bush tax cuts
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that were unpaid for, voted for the priescription drug bill tha cost as much as my health care bill but wasn't paid for. >> that's a glimpse about what he's saying about republicans behind closed doors, but what are the republicans saying about him? >> reporter: well, they took a lot of offense to the president inviting them and having them in the first row and president obama came out vehemently against their plan. they thought it was a political moment and they were made fun of. the republicans really see president obama as lacking leadership. that's the thing that you hear consistently is he doesn't put forth any plans. he stands back and waits for things to develop on capitol hill and comes in at the last minute and really gives us no direction. when will he stand up and when will he leave? what president obama is saying is echoing the sentiments of a lot of people on the hill. for the republicans not to take ownership of what happened before is hypocritical. until both sides kind of walk
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away who is to blame over the last eight years, you won't see a lot of consensus on capitol hill. that fight is still very much alive in 2011, the bush administration good or bad. we still live it here every day. >> absolutely. nbc's luke russert. thanks so much for joining us, luke. >> be well. coming up, the ferocious weather battering the heartland. and suspicious minds. the president answers the donald's wanton and wild birther claims. ever seen anything like it? me neither. it's beneful incredibites. made with wholesome grains, real beef, even carrots and peas. you love the smaller-size, easy-to-chew kibbles, ! waite!ve the carbohydrates for energy and prein for scles. ha-ha. you only think you're getting spoiled. [ woman announcing ] beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful.
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republicans have lambasted president obama's budget proposal calling it highly partisan, inadequate, even class
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warfare. just last week on this program, congressman joe walsh, republican of illinois, had this to say about the ryan plan compared to the obama plan. >> you talk about ripping the president, i'll rip the president. he should be ashamed of himself. it was an act of real bravery today i think which counters an act of cowardice by the president a month ago. >> and mr. walsh joins us live from capitol hill. good afternoon. >> hey, martin, how are you? >> great. the president in his speech on wednesday said this, and i'm quoting. >> america i know is generous and compassionate. it's a land of opportunity and optimism. yes, we take responsibility for ourselves but we also take responsibility for each other for the country we want and the future that we share. now, is that cowardice or compassion? >> well, his budget, my friend, does not back up what he just said there. his budget is an act of
3:17 pm
cowardice. go back two months. he put forth a budget two months ago that didn't including anything about medicare, medicaid, or social security. why did he do that? i mean, i'll ask you that question. why didn't he mention those programs then, and yet he mentioned them this week? why did he do that? >> well, here is a point. he said that you and your party are happy to give the president a $200,000 tax cut by asking 33 seniors to each pay $6,000 or more in health care costs. that's pretty detailed, isn't it? >> i guess i just -- i'm flummoxed by something. i don't know why your profession doesn't ask the president of the united states why he got a second chance to put forward a budget? he knows, like we do, that medicare, medicaid, and social security need to be reformed. they are driving us off a cliff right now. >> but did he -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute,
3:18 pm
wait a minute. he knew that two months ago. i have not heard anybody in the media ask him why he didn't mention those programs two months ago. you answer that for me. why wouldn't he have? >> i would be delighted to ask him the question. sadly, he has not agreed to be interviewed by me. he has done interviews with other people. perhaps they didn't ask. but he did actually say, did he not, that we have to have a detailed conversation about medicaid and medicare and he wants that to happen. so he's not ignoring the issue. >> no, he's not. he did after he ignored it two months ago. look, everything he's doing right now, whether you want to admit it or not, is driven by politics. so he kept quiet two months ago just hoping the republicans would come out and talk about medicare and medicaid and you know what? we did. in a responsible fashion we started a dialogue. and again it's so curious to me, then he comes out this week and talks the same. look, this is why i came to washington. this is a great debate about
3:19 pm
what we want our government to do. the vote i made today for paul ryan's budget i am so proud to make that vote because that literally expresses a mindset that doing nothing for medicare and medicaid and social security will bankrupt these programs. we know that. >> but, mr. walsh, what did mr. ryan do over the previous period where two wars were launched, where bush tax cuts came in. did he do anything about those issues? what about the expenditure in relation to those? >> look, look, martin, i ran for congress hitting both parties over the head because they both have been spending money at a pace that we can't afford. you're right, president bush did the same darn thing and republicans kept quiet about it too darn long. but something happened last november, and the american people gave the keys to this town to the republicans to try to stop this spending. and, again, with this budget i give paul ryan all the credit in
3:20 pm
the world. he took a courageous step. at the said we have to reform these programs to save them and then the president pokes his head out of the woods again. he's not leading in this debate, he's following. but that's fine. the american people want us to lead. >> mr. walsh, you said he was a coward, but as you know, his mike was open last night -- sorry, at a fund-raiser and he was heard to ask the question, the rhetorical question, do they think i'm stupid, speaking of republicans. do you think he's a coward and do you think he's stupid? >> no, gosh no, i don't think he's spew stupid. i don't know the man that well. all i know is everything he's done the last 2 1/2 months has gone against leadership. i budget he put forward, i won't run from this, the budget he put forward was an act of cowardice because he knows hewe're fallin off a financial cliff and he won't be honest with the
3:21 pm
american people. a press has got to lead and this guy won't lead and that's not right and the republicans in the house will. >> congressman joe walsh of illinois, thanks again for joining us, and we look forward to your next appearance here. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. deadly tornadoes rip through the heartland and more could be on the way. stay with us. of sammy's fish box. i opened the first sammy's back in 1966. my employees are like family, and i want people that work for me to feel that they're sharing in my success. we purchase as much as we can on the american express open gold card so we can accumulate as many points as possible. i pass on these points to my employees to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. how can the gold card help serve your business? booming is taking care of your business by taking care of your employees. from the teachers to the students. i had a student the other day that said... "miss stacy, this class is changing
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we have new video coming in of a powerful storm system that's been ravaging the south. right now a deadly tornado is making its way through mississippi. this is home video a viewer sent us of a funnel cloud forming over a reservoir. and this new video from clinton, mississippi, shows damage from the win and driving rain there. reported tornadoes ripped through arkansas and oklahoma earlier. nine deaths are blamed on the storm system. the weather channel's eric fisher joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon,
3:25 pm
martin. we're here in oklahoma where they saw the brunt of some of the worst storms as they rolled through town. one of the nastiest tornadoes we have seen over this current severe weather outbreak. this is a school here bill back in 1918 so we've got nearly a 100-year-old school, a brick building, sturdy building, well-made, and you have the roof that was completely torn off. the glass blasted out by the wind and degree. you can look in and some of the classrooms are still intact. they look like they normally would even though that was chaos going around outside. the fire department came and they cordoned off the area. they have been shutting down the streets as well because there are so many people who have been trying to come in, look at the damage. some people trying to collect other belongings. the crowds were getting too big and they decided they couldn't let anyone else in the neighborhood unless you lived in the neighborhood. thankfully no one in the school was critically injured or killed. look at the damage across the courtyard. there was a storm cellular on the premises.
3:26 pm
that's a safe place to be as those tornado sirens were going off across eastern oklahoma yesterday. we did see over a dozen injuries. we did see two fatalities in this town as well. we're up to seven for this particular storm outbreak and we're not out of the woods yet. these storms still rumbling across the deep south and the tennessee valley. we will reach the carolinas by saturday. we will see numerous hail reports, tornado reports, and wind damage, and possibly another death or two before all is said and done. i'm meteorologist eric fisher. back to you. >> the weather channel's eric fisher reporting from tushka, oklahoma. coming up a year later and congress has done oh, so little in response to the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. how did a wake-up call become a slumber party? 100 ways to enjoy pringles. ♪
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he's also very famous due in part to "the apprentice." he's wealthy, famous, and now thinking about running for president. but he's decided to attack the current incumbent joining a small movement who continue to forcefully suggest that president obama was neither born in the united states nor that he possesses a valid birth certificate. >> he has what's called a certificate of live birth. that is something that's easy to get. a birth certificate is not even close. a certificate of live birth is not even signed by anybody. i saw his. i read it very carefully. >> now, last night the president offered a rare, if brief, glimpse of how he sees the whole birther issue. >> i think that over the last 2 1/2 years, there's been an effort to go at me in a way that is politically expedient in the short term for republicans but
3:31 pm
creates, i think, a problem for them when they want to actually run in a general election where most people feel pretty confident the president was born where he says he was, in hawaii. he doesn't have horns. >> he certainly doesn't have horns, and eugene robinson is an msnbc political analyst, associate editor and pulitzer prize winning columnist for "the washington post." eugene, i'm so glad you're here because i just don't get this. >> well, it's because it doesn't -- >> i just don't understand it. >> it doesn't make any sense, martin, so there's nothing wrong here. >> just for a moment, the evidence appears cat goric tcat he was born where he said with. he doesn't seem to be riven with a profound lack of ethics that would lead him to lie to an entire nation. >> the birth case is beyond
3:32 pm
crazy. it presupposes some sort of conspiracy that involves placing a birth announcement in the honolulu newspaper 48 years ago, however old the president is, right after this nonexistent birth, the birth didn't happen, in order to kind of groom him of some sort of manchurian candidate for the presidency. that's the only way it could have happened. this is crazy, yet it does have traction, and i think it's just -- it's another reason for people who don't like barack obama not to like barack obama. >> i don't want to embarrass your modesty, but i was hugely taken by an article you wrote recently where you said somewhat tongue in cheek, it would be great if donald trump ran for president, but you don't seriously think that he would be a viable leader of the most important nation on the earth, do you? >> of course not. when i speak of the trump
3:33 pm
candidacy, imagine quotation marks around candidacy because i am a skeptic. i don't take it seriously, and i don't think he can actually run for president because, number one, he is given to saying things that manifestly are not true. he makes these pronouncements every day that contravene established, obvious fact. and i don't think you can sustain a campaign over even a month, much less for a year, every day saying two or three or four things that simply are not true. >> is that because the american public has such a profound level of adhd that they can't remember what he said last week? >> well, you know, i think a couple things are happening. number one, he is a very good television performer, as evidenced by the ratings for "the celebrity apprentice." he's good at this. number two, and this is a bit
3:34 pm
more serious, we almost had a shutdown of the united states government because we hadn't formulated a budget for the current fiscal year that's more than half over. this is madness, and i do think that's partly at least responsible for the fact that donald trump is actually leading in some polls for the republican nomination, and i think that reflects at least in part, not just the crazy birthers, but some people who are just fed up with this incompetence and dereliction of duty, frankly, and you have to blame both parties here, and who say, well, look, this guy trump may be crazy. his hair is, you know, extra galactic perhaps. nonetheless, you know, he would be broke if he couldn't at least budget for his businesses for the next year, and he exudes at least an air of confidence to
3:35 pm
that point, and i think, you know, this sort of i'm a businessman trope is going to take him as far as he goes, which, again, i don't think is very far. >> eugene, thank you so much for speaking sense into what sounds like a ludicrous tuation. thank you very much, indeed. with each side laying out their ideas for taming the national debt, how much consideration is being given to america's energy crisis? as we approach the one-year anniversary of the nation's worst oil spill. congressman edward markey is the ranking member of the house natural resources committee and he joins us from capitol hill. good afternoon. >> thank you. thanks for having me on. >> i wanted to start with the budget. the president said yesterday that democrats and republicans must come together to address the nation's debt problem, but republicans say that the president himself delivered such a highly partisan broadside attack that why should they? he's not leading the way in terms of a reasoned and rational and hopeful dialogue. your response to that?
3:36 pm
>> you're saying that the republicans are attacking the president? >> yes. >> yeah, well, they are attacking the president. they're attacking the president because the budget crisis can only be solved if the defense budget is on the table, if taxes on multimillionaires is on the table, if oil company subsidies are on the table, and not just paying grandma a stipend for medicare and for medicaid to take care of her now that she has alzheimer's and she's in a nursing home. they're trying to put all the burden on a very small part of our population, mostly the senior citizens, while at the same time exempting the defense department, oil companies, and multimillionaires from contributing to it and the republicans are saying, oh, that's so unfair, so unbalanced and so uncivil to actually include all of the other ingredients that are going to be necessary in order to reach a bipartisan and balanced result
3:37 pm
as part of this budget discussion this year. >> now, we're approaching the one-year anniversary of the gulf oil disaster. you wrote today in politico, republicans want to give away huge swaths of america's pristine east and west coast for drilling placing family beaches where our children swim and tourism drives local economies in harm's way. but what is the alternative giving the price of oil, the renewed anxiety about nuclear power, and an oil industry that isn't up to speed. >> well, your last statement is completely untrue. the alternative energy industry is outstripping just about every other part of the energy composition. the alternative, if you're just talking about oil alone to drilling off of the beaches of
3:38 pm
california and hf martha's vineyard and other sensitive environmentally kind of pristine areas of our country would be, first, to have the republicans and the oil industry drop their objections to building tough new safety standards into drilling off of the coastlines of our country. so instead of revising the safety laws in our country, the oil industry is revising history by pretending that nothing really bad ever happened and that they don't have to build in tough new safety standards and if you're someone that comes from a state that really is very concerned about what they saw on tv all last year, you just don't want shell oil to replace shellfish off of our coastlines because you just don't trust their safety standards. >> but as you know, republicans are pushing a bill that would speed drilling permits and as much as you disagree with them, is there anything you can do to stop them? >> well, it's like toyota saying
3:39 pm
that we're going to keep building toyota camrys even though we haven't fixed the brakes yesterday. i don't think the american public would feel good about that any more than listening to the oil industry say they want to drill without building in the new safety protections to make sure the blowout preventers worked. we learned blowout proventers may be generically incapable of working in the time of disaster. my answer to the oil industry is build in the safety. guarantee to the public that it works. learn the lessons, explain them to the american public, and then we can have a broad based discussion. instead, what they're saying is, yes, we're making $110 a barrel for oil, we're charging $4 a gallon at the pump, but we've convinced the republicans to keep the oil subsidies on the books in their budget while we slash the subsidies for wind and solar and renewables and that's
3:40 pm
just a losing formula for our country but it just shows how closely aligned the republican party is with this rapacious oil industry. >> conman ed markey, thank you very much h indeed. >> thank you. to the families of the 11 workers killed in the deepwater horizon disaster, it will never be just a headline, just a piece of history. it is fundamentally changed their lives forever. my next guest sent a letter to be read aloud before bp executives and shareholders yesterday to remind them of that fact. the letter reads, this was no act of god. bp halliburton and transocean could have prevented this, but it would have taken more time, more money, and you were too greedy to wait. you rolled the dice with my son's life, and you lost. keith jones is the father of gordon jones, an engineer who lost his life on the doomed rig. mr. jones joins us from new orleans and we obviously extend our condolences to you at this
3:41 pm
time, mr. jones. >> thank you very much. >> your son was just 28 years old when this disaster claimed his life. what did you want to convey to bp at that meeting about the sense of personal loss? >> what i hope to convey to them is that perhaps the board of directors of bp, perhaps the men at the very top, don't understand what i suspect their shareholders believe, and that is that they're tired of owning a company that cares not about anything but the job of making more money faster, making more money is not enough for bp, never has been. they must make more money faster, and that approach to their business is what has come
3:42 pm
to cause not only the deepwater horizon but the terrible refinery explosion at texas city a few years ago. so what i hope for them to know is that business is business. a job of a corporation is to make money for its shareholders. everybody knows that, but there's another side to it. there's the human side. there's the men and the women that work on these rigs and i was hoping that as a result of this disaster that some consideration, more consideration, would be made for their safety. >> mr. jones though, you know that bp has made all kinds of promises in the last year. can you tell us if any of their promises for improved safety have been fulfilled? >> i can't know about a lot of their promises, but the truth of the matter is if you'll read
3:43 pm
what i have read and what is available to anyone to read, you'll find that the organization of bp, the very nature of the way bp operates its business and which it has for years upon years, before tony hayward was ceo and now afterward, after tony hayward is ceo, that the very nature of the way that they do business leads to lax safety. anybody can get this book. it's called "deep water," and it is the report by the president's commission on the deepwater horizon disaster. it ought to be required reading for every politician who thinks that we just have to issue more permits right now and drill a lot more oil wells right now without regard to the safety recommendations made by that
3:44 pm
commission. >> mr. jones, again, we extend our sympathies to you and thank you again for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you, martin. i appreciate that. thanks. next, the open court, and we'll explain what hard fought case you are seeing right here. and donald trump really does have an excuse for everything. it's today's "clear the air." [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. ♪ so delicious.
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a california woman is suing and calling for a complete ban on new memberships until her case is resolved. the woman claims she was sexual assaulted by a man she met on the site who she says wasn't screened as a sexual predator. to offer some legal perspective on this case and others heating up across the country, i'm joined by msnbc senior legal
3:48 pm
analyst susan filen. they says she's learned this individual had been convicted of sexual battery six times previously. so was it's responsibility to find this out and make it clear before he was allowed to meet her? >> well, i think she has a novel point. the law always evolves. when somebody brings a point like this to the law, the law has the obligation to respond. what she's looking for is to advance the law. she wants to change its policies and she wants them from now on to say that they're going to look to see if somebody is actually a convicted sex offender. >> but is it really the responsibility of an internet dating site to check the sexual history of every single person that joins? >> sexual history, no. convictio convictions, maybe. if you're unleashing predators, if you're unleashing convicts, if you're unleashing felons on
3:49 pm
unwitting consumers, maybe. if you go to the zoo and there's a dangerous animal who is not -- from whom you're not protected, yeah, maybe. maybe if there's an unsafe practice on the part of and maybe this is a novel theory and she's testing it. so, you know, that's how the law advances. when hotels used to have windows that didn't have locks on them and people fell out, hotels had to put locks on them. she's raising the theory and maybe by testing it like this case is something is going to change. i don't think it's such a wacky case, martin. i don't think she's so out of line. >> fantastic. thanks very much for your insight. thank you very much. the donald and the newt share at ealeast two things in common, work and a love of -- well, we'll get to that. [ male announcer ] look outside. it's grow time. so let's plant some perennials that'll turn up every year. trees and shrubs to give us depth. and fill it out with flowers
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right now a severe storm
3:53 pm
system is moving through the south. let's get an update from weather channel meteorologist maria la rosa who's tracking the storm. maria? >> good afternoon, it's a big storm at that. big storms now that include st. louis, memphis, all the way down to jackson. most of mississippi out until 3:00 central time. that's where all of the activity is. this storm in particular right now we're expecting it to move to the south literally within miles of tuscaloosa. this has been tracking since it came through clinton just to the northwest of jackson, minnesota where it caused a lot of damage. it's a dangerous storm system. storm trackers had been tracking it the entire way. it will be crossing i-20 once again. a box right there for meridian, a dangerous storm right there. a lot of supercells, discrete cells. lot of rotation. you can tell where they're coming. the storm -- the classic comma
3:54 pm
shape. all of the lift there is for the thunderstorms. and now classic sign of that spring storm, you had blizzard conditions or at least near blizzard conditions from the dakotas in to the plains with some areas picking up a foot of snow. martin? i can enter trades. on the run. even futures and forex. complex options? done. the market shifts... i get an alert. thank you. live streaming audio. advanced charts. look at that. all right here. wherever "here" happens to be. mobile trading from td ameritrade. number one in online equity trades. announcer: trade commission-free for 30 days, plus get up to $500 when you open an account. how are you getting to a happier place? running there? dancing there? how about eating soup to get there? campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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time now to "clear the air." in the last week, two potential presidential candidates explained two important events in their lives, adultery and failed marriage. there's been one president of the united states who was divorced and that, of course, was ronald reagan. so, even before formally announcing their bid for the white house, these two wanted to get their version of events out early. first, there was newt gingrich. >> there's no question that at times of my life partially
3:58 pm
driven by how passionately i felt about this country that i worked far too hard and the things that happened in my life that were not appropriate. >> then yesterday we had donald trump offering a similar explanation for why he too is on his third marriage. >> i've had, you know, the two failed marriages. and when you look at a failed marriage, and, you know, so much -- 56%, 57% of people. but in my case, i'm a very hard worker. and i've always said it's very difficult for a woman to be married to me because i work -- i work all the time. and you know what? that's what this country needs. >> interestingly both the newt and the donald appeared on the same christian broadcasting network and determined to explain that despite their infidelities, they are still upright moral people who are the trusted with the presidency. but i began to wonder about their explanation. you see, neither of them puts
3:59 pm
their moral failings down to the fact that they simply didn't honor their vows of marriage. neither of them admits to any lapses in self-control. and neither says they were simply incapable of perfectly understandable explanations. oh, no. they say they couldn't stop themselves because they were working so hard. which begs the question -- if they're incapable of being faithful while they're running a property company or while speaker of the house, what on earth is going to happen when they're running the country. so for mr. gingrich and mr. trump, i have just two questions -- first, do they believe that being president of the most powerful nation on earth is going to be less demanding than any job they've done in the past. and second -- have they never read the story of president bill clinton? thanks fowachg. thasobtsitan